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Why Tenfold

The country Burundi

Burundi is a country where the scars of a violent past are still clearly visible in daily life. It is one of the poorest countries in the world and it has a long way to go before life becomes what we in the West today would consider tolerable.  

Health care

The situation in health care is extraordinarily bad. The most essential matters that we take for granted, like bed sheets, medicine and medical equipment are often lacking, and hygiene is an area for deep concern. The hospital does not provide food. Patients depend on their families for food, if they can be present. In most cases, patients eat hardly anything in a day and in some cases absolutely nothing.

How we help

We give patients a simple but balanced meal. This increases the chance of recuperation for patients considerably. These meals are made and distributed with the help of your donation. As the ingredients come from local producers and the meals are prepared in situ and because we receive support from Dutch companies, we can feed ten people with just a single euro.  

The team

The team behind Tenfold is both in Burundi and in the Netherlands.   

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What do the people get to eat?

The patients get a porridge prepared from a mix of grains called Busoma. Busoma is grown and processed locally and contains a mixture of the most important nutritional components.  

Busoma comprises soya, sorghum and maize. Water, oil and sugar are added to make a porridge that, after cooking, is easy to drink. It is cheap, easy to distribute and nutritionists consider the porridge a healthy basic meal.

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Our ambition

Global legacy

With the Busoma mix, many mouths can be fed for a relatively low amount of money. The Tenfold vision crosses country borders and in other parts of the world it can offer help in situations where food is not taken for granted. It really does not matter whether it is in a hospital in Africa, a school in South America or for homeless children in Asia.

Euro = 10 meals

The euros that you donate go directly to the meals. Nothing is raked off by our organisation. How do we achieve this? All Tenfold’s operational costs are financed by donations, gifts and sponsorship deals from companies. We do not have expensive offices or vehicles and the Tenfold management are all volunteers. This means we can live up to our promise that every euro you donate actually feeds the mouths of people who need nourishment.

Every bit helps

Everyone can help. So you too! We believe in a small gesture. Helping people starts with one person. And then the next. And the next. This is how we believe you can help us. We do not ask you to donate a lot, or every month. We ask you to contribute something. Because every bit helps. And every euro… counts for ten meals.

The team

Suzanne Pesak

Founder and chairwoman

Marieke Manders


Thomas Pesak

Founder and treasurer

The specialists

Marieke de Lange MSc.


Dr. Noel Niyondiko

Medical director


feeds 50 patients


feeds 100 patients


feeds 1000 patients

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